User Testing is one of the beast platforms that pay you for giving review of websites. Here, each review will take up to 20 minutes and you will be paid via PayPal. 

Review Websites and apps

Basically, the website is used for getting rapid customer feedback on any customer experience that you can imagine. 

You can use Stuvia where you can sell anything that you have written at school including essays, letters, magazines, notes, etc. you need to set your own rates and the average earnings that you can get from a single document are $8.90 dollars.

Sell your Handwritten Notes

California. Understand your statistics and gather reviews. Improve your photos and designing and apply current SEO standards.

freelancing has become one of the most influential and advanced sources of income worldwide. You can work at any time and set your dollars per hour respectively.


There are some freelancing websites and apps such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, Internshala, etc. where you can sign up for free and hire your clients.

Become an Influencer

Choose your social media platform and develop your content strategy. You can build your own brand of clothing as well by designing your own website. There are thousands of ways through which you can become an influencer and earn in millions.

you need to post regular content on the respective social media channels and generate large followers of people who are interested in viewing your content.

There are various websites and apps where you can sell your photographs easily. You can sign yourself in websites or apps like Adobe Stock, Shutter Stock, Foap and many more.

Sell your Photography

 There are 6 separate earnings levels for images and for videos, ranging from 15% up to 40%. You can graduate through them independently based on your download count in each category.