When you talk about delivery, there are different delivery options such as: make deliveries for stores, deliver food or deliver for amazon. If you want to deliver goods for retail stores, come in contact with those stores and let them know about your cargo van and services.

Delivery Services:

 Besides this, you can sign up at GoShare https://goshare.co/where you will find many drivers like you.All you need to do is load up your cargo in your cargo van and move from one place to other. You can also join some food delivery services.

you can also look for some local restaurants that are looking for some home delivery services. You can also talk to some grocery stores that provide home delivery services to their respective customers.

Transforming your cargo van into a billboard is one of the greatest ideas to earn money. There are many websites like Wrapify that would pay you around $450 dollars per month.


Moving from one place to other is sometimes costly so people prefer cargo vans as they can lift cargo easily. One of the best platforms that connects movers with customers is Lugg.

Start a People Transport van

you can start a passenger transportation company or can yourself ride the van under any legalized company. Try to make your public van popular by promoting your transportation business through social media platforms.

There are various types of transportation business such as Office Transportation, Medical Transportation, School/College Transportation, Civil Transportation and many more.

If you are someone who likes to make food and also own a cargo van, then, this is a great job for you. You don't need to work under anyone and you can start your food truck business.

Cargo Food Van:

There are various food vans available in the market and you can purchase a similar one for you. role. Place your cargo van in the right location so that more people get access to your van. Provide your customers the best meal in the city.  

In this growing world of 21st Century, you can promote your business through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Make people aware of your business so that they visit your place.