Freelancing a great job for pregnant woman as no physical movement is required in it and you can easily do this job by resting on your couch. No specialized qualification is required for this job.

Why a pregnant woman should choose freelancing? • No physical movement is required. • No special qualification is required which means that anyone can do this job. • You have full flexibility over this job as you can do freelancing while you are pregnant and even after your child birth. • You have varied options like graphic designing, bookkeeping, video editing, content writing and many more exciting offers to count.

Chegg is a platform where you can help students with their homework, exam preparation and practice, writing and citations and understanding a topic. This is a great job for pregnant woman where you can use your educational qualifications and make money easily from home.

Why a pregnant woman should do online tutoring? • No physical movement is required. • Can conduct the classes at any feasible time. • Can make real money fast. • There is no limitation to nearby students i.e. you can teach anyone from any corner of the world. • Opportunity to spread your knowledge and learn at the same time.

There are many websites which pays you for selling your clothes. Make sure that the clothes you are willing to sell are in a good condition and can be wearable by people as good clothes will give you a good return.

Why pregnant women sell her clothes? • With no mobility, you can make money • You can curate looks for shoppers • No effort is required in it. • Clothes that are not in use can now help you make money.

If you are pregnant, you can give daily tips and tricks about pregnancy. You can help your viewers to take care of themselves while they are pregnant. Start publishing quality content on your channel and understand the demand of your viewers.

Why pregnant women do blogging? • A great platform to share your views and thoughts. • Best way to make money. Helps with link building.

There are many women who are unaware as how they should take care of themselves. Here, you can help them by just sharing your daily routine with them while you are pregnant.

Besides this, once the child is delivered, you can educate your viewers about parenting and with proper knowledge can guide them about providing proper nutrition to the children.