Apart from Creator's program, Wattpad also offers you Paid Stories program. Wattpad wants to stay connected with its readers and along with paid stories, your audience can reward you with monetary support.

On the basis of editorial expertise, power of data insights, reader engagement, Wattpad select the stories that are part of the paid stories program. 

You can visit the writer's portal for tools to help build your community to get some trips about writing and visit different program sites of the platform.

 As a writer, you must be creative and write what you love.love. Understand the demand of the readers and publish your writings respectively.

Wattpad offers you an opportunity to collaborate with well-known brands like Mayebelline, Paramount Pictures, LIONSGATE, and many other notable brands to count.

Apart from this, you can also enter into a Wattpad writing contest where you can win exciting prizes after submitting your own story. Wattpad gives you an opportunity to feature your stories into a short film, podcast,

wattpad creators Program: The program aims to support 3,000 writers each year. This program has been created for the creators to rise onto the next level.

wattpad creators Program:  This program provides its creative writers to earn cash stipends while helping you in advising, supporting and educating you on a successful writing career path.

You can become a wattpad star where you can join renowned community of writers and be a part of it. You and your work will be recognized. In addition, you will get fame and name with your work. Wattpad gives you ample resources to publish the best writings on its platform.