Setting up a candy stall at the campus of the school is one of the best ways through which you can earn money in school.

You can also set up an attractive sweet shop with colorful candy and display. If you have a neat and clean shop and can display your candies in an attractive manner, students and children will easily get attracted to your shop.

Try to provide fresh candies to your customers and advertise your shop through templates and social media platforms. This is a great way to take advantage of the social media platform.

Offer discounts and exciting offers to your customers on off-season. This way, your customers will still be interested in your shop. You can make your jelly innovative by making it in home-made style.

Engage your family to make jellies and chocolate bars. You can easily learn from multiple YouTube Channels the process of making jelly and chocolate bars. In addition, you can set-up a family business of jelly and chocolate bars with the help of your family members.

Schools organize school fete and fairs inside their campus for their students where the students and teachers eagerly take part in it.

school. Make sure that you sell attractive candies that are colorful and sweet in taste. At first, you can sell some of your candies for free with other stuffs so that the students are well-aware of the taste of your candies.

Besides selling your items on offline mode, you can also sell your items on Amazon. Make your own website and sell your products there. This way, your items can also reach to school and you can sell from there.

Students often visit canteen during their tiffin breaks and free period. If you sell candies at school, you can make handsome amount of money. Take legal permission from the authorities of the school and ask them permission for setting up a candy shop inside the campus of the school

Try to make sugar-free sweets and candies that will attract more customers towards you. This is one of the fastest ways to make money. Give offers to the school when they purchase any item from you.