Best Ways to Earn Money By Listening To Music

Online radio stations pay you for listening to music. Before releasing a song publicly, many radio stations pay people to listen to music and provide feedback on the same.

Provide Feedback to radio station

RadioEarn is a platform which offers you an opportunity to earn money. You can register/sign in without taking any subscription, which means that you can sign-up for free. Now, you start listening to online songs and earn points.

Think about context of Song, Analise the song, try not to bias towards favorite Artist

Give Review to Songs:

analyze the music of the song and mention the musical style of it. Do not affect the quality of the reviews and describe the good and weak qualities of the song wisely. Your review may decide the publicity of the song. So, perform your task accordingly. Analyze the work as objectively as possible.

Write as clearly as possible and edit your reviews. There are many websites where you can post your reviews on music. One of these is is a review site on especially on music.

Pick your podcast name and decide the format of your podcast. Get your podcast setup created. Make sure the environment reflects something about music and has a significance of songs. Get one of the best mics for your setup.

Start a Music Podcasts:

There are many websites like Musicxray and Playlist Push, where you can do online surveys and earn money. Basically, Musicxray is a platform for singers and songwriters to submit their respective songs and earn money by simply listening to music.

Do Online Surveys:

There is no such wedding which is done without music. Weddings are incomplete without music. Music add joy to our lives and adds shine and life to parties and events.

DJ Weddings:

To become a DJ, you must choose your medium and build the most appropriate music collection accordingly. Study some basic djing skills and explore various software tools that are used by most of the professional DJs.