How to make money with tech skills?

Best ways to make money with tech skills

Landing page designer

If you are familiar with internet marketing, you may already realisethe importance of a landing page. Building landing pages for clients may become a lucrative job if you have the required skills to perform this type of work. Typically, landing pages can be built in a relatively short amount of time and don’t require long pages of coding to be effective. There are even digital platforms that can easily create landing pages, saving you time and effort in the process. If you would like to explore building landing pages as a side work, you would do well to gather examples of your work and register with a freelance site to get started.

Interior design consultant

Interior design is a fascinating career path which doesn’t require a formal degree. You can freelance as an interior design consultant by taking online certifications and getting real-world practice. With the growing popularity of home makeover shows, interior design services are in demand.

You might be able to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per home once you have a solid portfolio of interior design projects. Consider building relationships with local interior vendors in order to make the process easier and more affordable for your clients. You may be able to turn this gig into a full-time career if you focus and establish a reputable clientele and portfolio.

Digital ad specialist

There are a many ways to generate traffic online. Only a trained specialist knows the ins and outs of those ways. Though digital ads are not a new phenomenon, there are many resources to help make these more effective. If you are a trained digital ad specialist, a job as an internet marketer might help you earn the type of income you have always dreamed of. Working with Google on ad campaigns can put your clients ahead of the rest. Consider this a solid option for extra income if online marketing is right up your alley.

Finding a full-time job that allows you to unleash your creativity isn’t always easy. Depending on where you live, there may not be any lucrative gigs for the type of creative work you specialize in. From graphic design to copywriting and videography, Fiverr can help you earn money doing what you love at rates you are comfortable with.

This online freelance job board allows both amateur and expert creatives to market their services In a way that’s fast, easy, and effective. You can upload samples of your work to your digital profile and communicate freely with potential clients, negotiating everything from rates to project time frames and the specifics of each project. If you have long contemplated ditching your full-time job in favor of your creative passion, consider what Fiverr can do for you, first.

Data analysis

While you’ve likely heard of supercomputers and their ability to filter out impossible amounts of data, there is still demand for humans to do the exact same thing. If you are gifted in computer science and related fields, you have the option of working in data analysis.

A data analysis gig will allow you to work with various companies to sift through data and identify patterns that may be of use for operational or marketing purposes. Software gigs tend to pay well, so you may be in for more than your average dollar if data analysis is something you are interested in.

Financial advising

Financial literacy is still a difficult concept for most individuals on earth. Many people find navigating finances to be a difficult task, and thus might require some outside help from time to time. This is where you might come in

. If you have strong financial credentials and experience with stocks, you can create a consulting service and help others realize their financial goals. You can start by researching any certifications or regulations you’ll need to adhere to in order to consult legally.


Accounting is another subject many people find difficult to deal with. If you are good with numbers, you may might find accounting a good way to earn some extra money while challenging your mind. Once you undergo certification, you can choose to work with clients on a freelance basis for assistance with payroll and other accounting tasks, or you can simply work during tax season.


You can also be in long list of inventors. All you’ll need first is an idea. There are endless products on the market today that stem from a product that already exists, and the inventors of these are making millions. And with the crowd-funding craze still working well, getting these ideas off the ground has never been easier.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start by researching products already on the market and think of ways they might be improved. This mindset might help you come up with dozens of different ideas, one of which may very well be your ticket to the millionaire’s club.

Music instructor

It’s never too late to begin an interest in music. If you are a skilled musician with a passion for teaching others, a side gig as a music instructor may be perfect for you. What’s more, with the popularity of video chat platforms like Zoom, you can conduct music lessons right from your home.

To get started, consider building a website showcasing your experience, then look to online job boards like Craigslist to find available gigs in your area. Whether piano, guitar, violin or even singing lessons, a talented musician can earn a solid income by teaching music in their spare time.

Web development

Every reputable business has a website. This means web development will remain a constant in the digital marketing realm, and there is money to be earned for those that excel in the trade.

Web development entails a variety of technical knowledge that may not be easy to acquire without formal training. But it can be done. You can train yourself in web development with the wide variety of tools available online today.

How much money you earn as a contract web developer will depend on several factors. What type of organizations you work for, the amount of work required to complete a given project, and the client’s unique budget will all determine how much extra income you can make from developing websites outside of your full-time job.

Furniture maker

Not everyone enjoys purchasing furniture from chain stores like IKEA or Pottery Barn. There is a demand for authentic, hand-made furniture. If you enjoy designing and building furniture, you can turn your craft into a side hustle and earn some impressive money in the process. List your designs on websites like Etsy, or take orders for custom items on local Facebook groups or other online marketplaces. You can work at your own pace and charge per hour or per piece.

Jewelry maker

Finding jewelry to fit your unique style can be a challenge. If you have a love for jewelry design, you can create and sell your own pieces online as a means of income. While sites like Etsy are ideal for selling jewelry and other crafts, you will have to evaluate how much time you’d like to spend on this new business endeavor. If you have a number of great pieces you’d like to show off, think about building a simple Shopify site to make your very own jewelry brand a reality.

Graphic design

We live in a visual world, and there is a huge demand for people to communicate their ideas through graphics. Whether you’ve attended a formal design school or have acquired your skills through trial and error, graphic design has the potential to help you earn.

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone would require graphic design services. From promotional items to editorial and social media graphics, graphic design plays a large role in today’s marketing strategies and therefore is a necessary expense for organizations across endless industries.

If you don’t have any real training as a graphic designer, it’s not too late to start. There are plenty of online courses, tutorials, and other methods of learning online. Many of today’s most popular graphic design programs may offer additional help, as well.

While graphic designers have the option of establishing their own creative firms, they also have the prospect of freelance work. Graphic designers can find freelance work through online job sites like Upwork. This allows them to work at their leisure while still holding a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Web design

People often confuse the terms, web developer and web designer. While similar, these two roles entail vastly different responsibilities. The web designer on one hand has the opportunity to be both analytical and creative in their job tasks. Web developers’ responsibilities are more technical, requiring coding and other web development skills.

Web designers can learn the tricks of the trade through online education resources and courses. From Podcasts to books and online mentorships, there are plenty of ways for web designers to acquire skills and earn money in today’s economy.

Digital courses

It’s easy to assume that online learning is typically done strictly through reputable colleges and universities. While this is true, many people do find success through online learning on these platforms, there are other ways to acquire knowledge on any given subject. This includes online courses.

If you are an expert in a particular industry, job, or hobby, you might choose to share your knowledge through online course work designed to turn a profit. Your unique knowledge might have the potential to really connect with your audience, giving you a competitive edge. You can create your own brand, design your own online coursework, set your own prices, and use your distinct teaching skills to propel a new group toward success.

Designing T-shirts

A number of new products have made the process of designing and making T-shirts easier and more affordable than ever before. You can build your own T-shirt business from home and market your designs online to earn extra money.

From funny slogans to unique designs for sports teams and other clubs, desining T-shirts is a legitimate way to make money on your downtime.

Software development

Many companies rely on custom software to streamline their operations. If you have a talent for software development, a career in freelance software development might be ideal for you. You can do this in multiple capacities, such as as a freelance developer or as a consultant. The more experience you have and the more robust your resume, the more you will be able to charge.

Computer repair

Let’s face it: computers can be complicated. There are few things more frustrating than facing a malfunctioning computer when you have a deadline. That’s why computer repair specialists often make a decent income from their craft. If you have long been fascinated by computers and are quite good at determining what is wrong with them and how they can be repaired, a job as a computer repair specialist might be well worth your time.


These days, you don’t have to have a best-selling novel to earn some cash from your writing skills. Ebooks are a popular option for readers looking to explore how to do something. Whether your expertise is in pet care, marketing, logistics, or any other industry, you may find an audience or a client willing to pay good money for this type of instructional content. The more often you write, the better you will become and the faster your turnaround. This means it’s possible to write several ebooks in one year.


There’s no shame in sitting back and letting your money work for you. This is why so many people find pleasure in investing. And in today’s digital age, investing has never been easier. You can choose to start your investment journey through the use of a mobile app like Robinhood, or maybe you are willing to hit the ground running and consult with an investment firm to help you make your moves. While you will need money to start in order to invest, you may be looking at some significant profit for the future if you play your cards right.

Business consulting

Your unique business sense might be valuable to someone. That’s why you should consider business consulting if you have years of business experience and a proven track record of success.

Business consulting is a sought-after service for several reasons. For one, companies want advice from people who have spent years in a particular industry and can offer unique insight into operations. Whether you have a professional degree, certifications, or have simply built up a solid reputation over decades in a particular job role, you might be able to provide just what companies are looking for in regard to business consulting services.

You can get started by spreading the word about your services or starting your own webpage with all of your contact information and business experience. Making it easy for potential clients to find you is half the battle.


Do you have passion and skill when it comes to writing? If so, it might be time to explore publishing e-books. Publishing an e-book is one of the easiest ways for writers to gain exposure in their industry. While it can be difficult to secure a publishing deal through a big-time literary publisher, self-publishing e-books can be an awesome way to earn money while building your portfolio of work.

If publishing e-books is a route you want to explore, start with some research. You can research and determine which topics are most widely sought after, and then focus on publishing books in these genres. This ensures that there is a demand for the type of knowledge your book will provide.

E-books are also subject to fewer restrictions than published books meaning they can be shorter. Shorter books mean you can write more of them, making an entire series that much more attainable. Thousands of riders are publishing work on Amazon. You can start with this method of self-publishing, too.

Online coaching

You can share with the world your knowledge or skills through more than just online courses. Coaching is another means of income you can explore if you’re hoping to help others through education. Similar to a professional tutor, you can begin coaching on your own time, outside of your full-time job. You might even be able to coach across multiple subjects, such as math coaching for secondary students and English for adults, for example.

Website consultant

Not every website is a good one. Websites are important in the realm of digital marketing, yet so many companies struggle to get theirs right.

Many companies want to be sure that their website is functional, user-friendly, and able to convert visitors into customers. If you have experience designing websites or are an expert in the field of digital marketing, you may be able to find income as a website consultant.

As a website consultant, you’ll visit companies websites to identify problematic issues within their websites and strategize ways to improve. Given the complexity of websites and their many functions tied to business operations, this is a worthwhile cost for many businesses and one you can take advantage of if you hone your skills now.

Tax preparation

Are you a great when it comes to math? Tax preparation specialists are in high demand during tax season, and this might be the perfect opportunity for you to earn some extra cash. Tax preparation specialist helps others clearly and concisely work through their business expenses and ultimately submit the documentation to the IRS.

Whether you are a professional accountant or have been certified in tax preparation through a program of your choice, you may have the skills needed to help others through their tax preparation in stride. The best part is that you can do this on a freelance basis, meaning you keep your full-time job and simply earn extra money on the side. This type of flexibility makes tax preparation an appealing option for many.

Fiction writing

Creative writing is a fantastic skill to carry, but there might not always be ample opportunity to make money from it. All that has changed in the digital age we live in. One can easily find creative writing gigs should they just scour online job boards like Upwork. You can write for clients or begin your own series of fiction books and try your hand at self-publishing to really explore the potential of this type of gig. For some guidance, consider enrolling in an online creative writing course that can help you learn about current trends and genres.

SAT tutor

Preparing for the SATs can be a stressful time, even for the most well-equipped student. If you have experience in the SAT, you might find that a side gig as an SAT tutor is well worth your while.

SAT prep is different from other methods of tutoring. There are plenty of resources on the market to help you prepare for this kind of learning. From practice tests to sharing your own personal experiences with the SAT, becoming an SAT tutor allows you to have a large impact on your pupil’s success.

Sites like Craigslist can help you find work as an SAT tutor. You can also consult with nearby school districts to learn more about SAT prep and how to get involved.

English tutor

There are plenty of ways to help others through your work. One of these is to become an English tutor. Often, immigrants or others may need assistance in learning English. You can earn money by teaching English as a second language and do so through virtual learning or in-person tutorials.

You might even be able to consult with a local university or business center to obtain information about classes and how you can become an instructor or tutor.


Becoming a professional writer is a career goal for many individuals, but ghostwriting is a little different. When you agree to ghostwrite, you are writing on behalf of someone else. This is a tough pill to swallow for some writers, as ghostwriters receive no credit for their work.

If you can deal with working without a by-line, you can earn an impressive income by ghostwriting novels, e-books, and other content for clients, big and small.

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