How to make money with cargo Van?

5 Best Ways To Make Money With Cargo Van in 2023

A cargo van has a sliding door where heavy cargo can be loaded. Here, the cargo and passenger area are one. In most cases, it is better than truck and is perfect for small moves in the city or town such as studio apartment move, etc. For van lifers, sleeping in a van is also possible.

So, if you own a cargo van and are confused as to how you should make the best use of it, I am here to help you out. I have listed some of the best 4 ways to make money with the cargo van. Don’t let your cargo van stand still under your garage shade, instead make the best use out of it and make money.


Do you own a cargo van or you are planning to get one?  If yes, you made the right decision. Now, you can make money with your cargo van. There are multiple options to earn money from a cargo van but if I have to start with the first option, it would be delivery services. Yes, you heard me right. You can start delivery services with your cargo van to make money. This is one of the easiest jobs to do.

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When you talk about delivery, there are different delivery options such as: make deliveries for stores, deliver food or deliver for amazon. If you want to deliver goods for retail stores, come in contact with those stores and let them know about your cargo van and services. Besides this, you can sign up at GoShare where you will find many drivers like you. All you need to do is load up your cargo in your cargo van and move from one place to other. You can also join some food delivery services. Are you confused where to join a food delivery service? Let me provide you with some of the famous websites where you can do food delivery services: and are some websites where they deliver food at your doorstep. You can sign up on these websites as a worker and find the best results out of it.

In addition to all these services, you can also look for some local restaurants that are looking for some home delivery services. You can also talk to some grocery stores that provide home delivery services to their respective customers. Do you want to become a delivery driver for Amazon? Grab this opportunity as soon as possible. Amazon has introduced Amazon Flex for drivers like you where at first; you need to reserve a block, make deliveries and enjoy your life by getting paid. You can learn more about this website from Here, you will get a detailed explanation of this website and then, you can sign up here as a delivery boy.

These are some of the best ways to make money with your cargo van by providing delivery services.


If you are someone who likes to make food and also own a cargo van, then, this is a great job for you. You don’t need to work under anyone and you can start your food truck business. It is different from the traditional dining system but people enjoy this style as it is innovative and creative top see. You can buy a step van for this business as it would be more comfortable to walk with.

You need to choose the right cargo van for it as it would be little different from your normal cargo van. There are various food vans available in the market and you can purchase a similar one for you. For your further reference, I have inserted a picture of cargo van below:

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Here, location plays the key role. Place your cargo van in the right location so that more people get access to your van. Provide your customers the best meal in the city. Insert your kitchen equipment and raw materials in your van and make space for it. Make sure that you get the legal permits and licenses to start your food van. You can run this business by adding your family members in it. Market your food truck and find the appropriate source for funding your business. You must understand the demand of your customers and make the utmost use of technology.

In this growing world of 21st Century, you can promote your business through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Make people aware of your business so that they visit your place.


Transforming your cargo van into a billboard is one of the greatest ideas to earn money. Here, you need to spread awareness and recognition for a particular brand under which you are working.  There are many websites like Wrapify which can hire you for this job but they would cover up your whole van with their brand logo and stickers.

There are multiple companies and advertising websites and companies who are in search of vehicles to advertise their products. There are many websites like Wrapify that would pay you around $450 dollars per month. There are no additional efforts that you have to put down in this job. While completing your errands, you just need to drive around the town. While completing your tasks, why not make some additional amount of money? This is a great opportunity for you and you can make the optimum use of it.

There are a couple of companies that offer you mobile billboard trucks like eBay, Own your billboard, etc. You can also hire some drivers and start a billboard business. The drivers just need to be present at the right time at the right location. One of the best websites where you can get access to billboard is There are no upfront costs and you can earn hundreds per months. Basically, you have to convert your cargo van into an advertising van with stickers and brand logo designs.


Moving people from one place to other is one of the finest jobs that one can think of. Moving from one place to other is sometimes costly so people prefer cargo vans as they can lift cargo easily. One of the best platforms that connects movers with customers is Lugg. You can know more about this platform on where the customer will book a Lugg and you need to take their cargo from one place to other. You can earn up to $2500 dollars per week.

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Create a business plan and do fine research about the transport industry. You must know about your competitors in the market and act accordingly. In addition, you can start a passenger transportation company or can yourself ride the van under any legalized company. Try to make your public van popular by promoting your transportation business through social media platforms. You can also list your company in local business directories like Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, etc.

There are various types of transportation business such as Office Transportation, Medical Transportation, School/College Transportation, Civil Transportation and many more. There are many office going staffs and people who are in search of some transportation that is cheap and comfortable. Here, a cargo van can work for them. Similarly, cargo vans are also affordable and easy-going transportation for college students. So, you can try a people transport van and earn money. There are many people who are doing this business and earning hundreds of dollars.


So, here we come to the end of the article. We have listed down some of the best ways to make money with your cargo van. You just need to be patient and continue with your work. As the saying say, If there is a will, there is a way, so, if you have a strong will to make money with your cargo van, you will definitely do it.