How to make money While Pregnant?


While you are pregnant, you might want to make money with the simplest ways. So, I have written this article for you to find the best way to make money online being pregnant. Have a look here.


This is one of the finest ways to make money whether you are a pregnant woman, housewife, working lady, etc. Freelancing is a self-employed job where you need to work for your clients online.

make money While Pregnant

It’s a great job for pregnant woman as no physical movement is required in it and you can easily do this job by resting on your couch. No specialized qualification is required for this job.

Anyone who is interested in freelancing can make money by simply sitting at home. There are multiple platforms where you can try freelancing. Do you know that this simplified job can also be your career? Yes, you can build a successful path for your career through freelancing.

You can do graphic designing, content writing, etc. Lynne Truss is one of the most successful women freelancers worldwide who has earned millions of dollars. Do give a reading on her biopic and you can regard her as an inspiring figure for yourself.

Why a pregnant woman should choose freelancing?

  • No physical movement is required.
  • No special qualification is required which means that anyone can do this job.
  • You have full flexibility over this job as you can do freelancing while you are pregnant and even after your child birth.
  • You have varied options like graphic designing, bookkeeping, video editing, content writing and many more exciting offers to count.

Now, you must be confused from which platform you should start freelancing. So, let me suggest you some of the best platforms where you can start freelancing. You can sign up and make your profile in Fiverr, Upwork, PeopePerHour, LinkedIN and many more.

Here is the link to Fiverr You can also have a look in some of these websites:,, etc. Make sure you make an attractive profile and a creative bio to attract the users.


If you were good in your academics, then, this is the best time to showcase your talent now. Now, you can start tutoring students online. There are many students who are in search of quality education and teachers who can help them solve their homework and with their studies.

make money While Pregnant as a tutor

Many a times, students are unable to understand certain chapters at schools and some need special guidance for certain subjects, here, the role of online tutoring comes into the field. Within flickering of minutes, a student can get connected with their respective teachers via online platform.  Be clear with your plan and decide the specific area where you want to work.

Why a pregnant woman should do online tutoring?

  • No physical movement is required.
  • Can conduct the classes at any feasible time.
  • Can make real money fast.
  • There is no limitation to nearby students i.e. you can teach anyone from any corner of the world.
  • Opportunity to spread your knowledge and learn at the same time.

If you are still confused as to which student you should teach and from where should you start. Let me help you here. You can register yourself in Chegg, here is the link Chegg is a platform where you can help students with their homework, exam preparation and practice, writing and citations and understanding a topic. This is a great job for pregnant woman where you can use your educational qualifications and make money easily from home.

Besides chegg, you can also check websites like Club Z, eTutorWorld , etc. In addition, you can work with some registered educational institutions or open an institution of your own.

You can also start teaching from YouTube by creating your channel but here, you need patience and consistency in your quality teaching. You will find many women You Tubers who are earning millions of dollars per month and you can count your name in one of those reputed list.


Do you have clothes that don’t fit in your closet anymore? Are you planning to pack and keep them aside as they are small and no longer needed? If yes, then, hold on! If you have clothes and accessories that do not fit in your closet, it’s time to sell them and earn money from it.

There are many websites which pays you for selling your clothes. Make sure that the clothes you are willing to sell are in a good condition and can be wearable by people as good clothes will give you a good return.

Sell your unwanted items and clothes to people on a reasonable deal. There are websites like Poshmark and Tradesy which offers you great deals to make money by selling your items.

You can know more about Poshmark from In addition, you can sell your clothes which do not fit you in your pregnancy and after your child birth; you can also sell your child’s clothes online.

Why pregnant women sell her clothes?

  • With no mobility, you can make money
  • You can curate looks for shoppers
  • No effort is required in it.
  • Clothes that are not in use can now help you make money.

You simply need to take a snap of your items and add those items to your closet. The whole process will be completed in less than a minute. You need to negotiate with the buyers for the price you are offering and you must be aware of the fact that Poshmark takes a flat fee of 20% on your profit of each item. So, be prepared for it.

Share listings to your network for shoppers to discover! More sharing = more sales. There is an easy process for shipping as it becomes easy with Poshmark pre-paid label and you will get cash once the item has been delivered.

There are many buyers on Poshmark who want to purchase designer clothes and branded outfits. Therefore, you can sell them on a reasonable price and can buy a new outfit for yourself from that money.

Check this: Make Money With Pexels


Are you a videogenic or you are among one of those who like to give update about yourself and your surroundings? If yes, then, this is the right job for you where you do not have to work under anyone.

make money While Pregnant as a blogger

If you are pregnant, you can give daily tips and tricks about pregnancy. You can help your viewers to take care of themselves while they are pregnant. Start publishing quality content on your channel and understand the demand of your viewers. You can make a diet chart for pregnant women and explain them the 9 months schedule.

Why pregnant women do blogging?

  • A great platform to share your views and thoughts.
  • Best way to make money.
  • Helps with link building.

There are many women who are unaware as how they should take care of themselves. Here, you can help them by just sharing your daily routine with them while you are pregnant. You can give motivation speeches, teach them some basic and healthy exercises and educate them about pregnancy.

Besides this, once the child is delivered, you can educate your viewers about parenting and with proper knowledge can guide them about providing proper nutrition to the children.

There are many websites like What to Expect, Mother to Baby and many other websites which are made for expecting mothers. You can have a look at these websites. This is one of the best ways to make money online.


Here, we come to the end of the article. Therefore, We have listed some of the best ways to make money while you are pregnant. All of these ways are simple and comfortable for any pregnant woman. Choose the best way to make money and do a fine research about it before stepping into any of the platforms.