How to make money posting links for companies?

make money posting links for companies

You may be able to make money if you do it the right way. There are several options if you are in the process of making money online. You can start with affiliate marketing. There are some basic guides as well as advanced methods in affiliate marketing You can check them

When you post links online, never forget to not to spam your links everywhere. Especially if you are promoting affiliate products which brings you some commissions for making sales, make sure to provide some value to your aHow to make money posting links on googleudience first.

How to make money posting links on google

These tips will help you to gain some passive income if you do it right.

Post daily

If you post Quality helpful content daily to your readers, It’ll help your conversions too. Not only that, you can build your own subscriber list through this. The more you have the better for making in to profits.

Post revelant content

Find problems that people face, you can get the help of social media sites for it. Most of the times, people seek solutions in there. Attract them and provide the best solutions for them with your affiliate links.

Comment on posts

You will receive comments to your posts in many platforms. If you use a blog site, then there you will receive comments from your readers, make sure to reply them friendly. Support them in your best. Provide helpful resources as well.

Use social media

Using social media right way, will definitely bring you some sales. You can use paid methods as well as free methods. Most of the platforms offer paid advertising nowadays. If you have some start up budget, you can get the leverage of it.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online by posting links for free. … Find companies with an affiliate program, either directly from the company’s website, like, or through a service like Once you are registered and approved, you post links to their products, and you get a commission for every sale.

To post links on Google, you need to use Adwords, which means you would pay for any click on your ads on Google. They then split the amount you pay per click between themselves and the people displaying your ads. Google pays those people displaying their ads through Adsense.

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