How to make money online by selling your photos?

Are you looking for simple ways to make some money online? Here are some great tacts on how to make money selling photos of yourself online.

Photography is the art of taking pictures with a camera or a mobile phone, which helps people to capture their day-to-day activities and moments. But, have you ever thought about it – you can make money through these photos?

5 ways to make money online by your photos

In this post ,we will give you a complete guide on how to make money selling photos of yourself.

Gone are the days when photography was only left for the professionals, the advancement in technology ,the reise of smartphones and digital cameras have completely changed the world of photography. Any individual can now take their photo from any place and at any time.

Smartphones have greatly revolutionized the world of photography . Is not it cool to take selfie to make money online .? the ever growing internet has created numerous possiblities such that you can earn from your photos which you took yourself.

Therefore, if you want to make easy money, stick around to find out how you can make money selling photos of yourself.

If you have been thinking how you can earn from your selfies, or which is the best place to sell photos of yourself, then this post has all those answers for your queries .

Best ways to make money online by selling photos

The following are some great points on how you can make money with selfies.

Sell Your Selfies on Selfie Paying Apps And Companies.

There are apps and platforms that offer the opportunity to sell your selfies online. These companies or apps operate differently and offer different rates for your photos.

Also, you it is important to note that note every photo or selfie you take will get you paid. So, the better you are in those selfies, the more money you can make. Some of these apps include:


Scoopshot is an app that pays for your selfies. The only difference with this app is that they are not the ones paying for the photo.

You are supposed to post the photos on the app, then people who have an interest in the photo can buy those photos. This means that this app doesn’t offer guaranteed pay. Also, they frequently hold some contests whereby you can post your pics.

Those who emerge winners in these contests are paid for their pics. This app doesn’t have an official web page you can visit, but you can always access their app from the app store.

The better photos you have, the higher your chances you have to win.

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If you are looking for ways to make money online, then Stylinity has your back. Stylinity is a combination of a shopping site and a selfie network that pays people for their selfies.

With Stylinity, first you have to buy some clothing from their online shop, then take photos of yourself in those clothes.

If you like to edit photos and put them to feature the exact items on sale. After you post those photos on their site, they appear in the site’s shopping page.When a person is interested in your photo and clicks to purchase the product, you get paid through StylePerks. The StylePerks are redeemable for money or fun products.

But just like Scoopshot, one gets paid when someone likes your photo and makes a purchase.​

Pay Your Selfie:

This is an app that you might have heard about as it’s one of the best selfie-buying apps in the market. With Pay Your Selfie, you make money through taking certain photos of you undertaking certain things. They will give you some tasks which will earn you something between 20¢ and $1.

This app requires you to take selfies as per the instructions given by them. Their system is built in such a way that the tasks helps it to understand you and help link your needs to the advertisers.

After you complete the tasks as asked by them, they will pay you by coupons for discounts. If you have some extra time , love to take selfies, and want to make extra bucks, you can try Pay Your Selfie.

although they might not pay you much money, it’s still a great way to earn through selfies as it provides a simple interface, and they are very consistent.

It is among the best ways by which you will get paid to sell photos. Also, just like other multiple side hustles that can earn you money online, this one can also earn you some extra dollars.

Create a Website

Any selfie taking guy should create a website because it is the platform where their customers, clients, and associates will go and find his or her photos on the internet. A website can be a great active or passive tool for making money online . You can use search engine optimization to boost your website traffic and prospective clients .

The Home Page helps in identifying your branded value proposition, while the “About Us” page tells the customers what your business does ?. On the other hand, the “Contact us” page informs customers on how to connect with you. A website is one of the best platform to sell photos of yourself.

The website will enhance your online presence and build strong relationships between you and the prospects.

Start a YouTube Channel or Photography Blog

Individuals make online money online sponsored content and ads. You can create a YouTube channel by video forms or by making tutorials, sharing tips and tricks. This will increase your credibility because prospects will be able to see your photographs online.

Ensure that your blog includes all the information pertaining to your photos. You can also add captions to different photos depending on where you have taken them from.

Sign up with Photo Stock Companies

Stock libraries can help you to get paid for your photos. They can buy and sell digital photos to use in books or websites. You can submit a collection of pictures before you qualify to be a stock library contributor. You can also join several stock-image sites and post pictures to all of them to get the best possible coverage.

Selling photos through a stock site is an effective way of getting paid to sell photos and that attracts more prospects and customers.

Some of the photo or image stock sites include iStock, BigStock, Shutterstock, and many more.

Join Photo Contest

In order to sell your photos to make money online, you have to join contests and look out for what other people are offering. You will be able to learn from different levels of experience and expertise.

This will enahnce your confidence and gain you some exposure, even if you will not win any cash prizes. Look out for plenty of photo contests and conferences out there and get yourself in the game. You can also offer your photos for free on cover magazines and newspapers as a way of getting a name in the market.

You can equally look out for TV adverts that may need your photos for advertisement and send your application.

How to make money selling your photos

Get a Good Selfie Camera and selfie Stick

In order to make money with selfies, one needs to buy a good Android mobile or iPhone. These gadgets will help boost sales of the selfie photos as they capture quality pictures. Additionally, a good selfie stick will aid in increasing sales of the photos.

Hoteon Mobilife Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote

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Look for beautiful sceneries when taking a selfie. This will help you capture even better photos that are competitive in the market place. You can also download a selfie camera install application that will help in uploading the photos faster and efficiently

Build Great Social Media Accounts

Social media in this modern era is important in sales.This is your first impression to any new visitor. You can upload your photos in multiple sites that include Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, TikTok and Snapchat accounts.

Also, you can invite your friends to like your pages; hence, the more likes you get, the more your photos will be marketable, and you can make money online.

You can take alternative photo shoots for the brand, and they tag them to help you get noticed.

You can post your photos daily or weekly and get people on board to like them. Social media platforms will help you get a massive potential audience. Common but useful Tools like hashtags will also help in building your online presence.

Find An Good Software For Your Photo-Editing

Finding good software to edit your photos will make a huge difference in selling photos of yourself. One of the common and most used software is Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

This will help you test edits, ask for feedback from family and friends, and work hard to perfect the skill of using this software.

The photo-editing software is a bit pricey but will eventually give you a good return on investment. The most commonly used photo suite or software for photo editing is the Adobe Lightroom, which is used to edit photos before they are sold. This software makes sure that the white balance, sharpness, and contrast are all correct.

Display your photos At Different Places

Displaying your photos at different locations will help in advertising them faster. One can display them at public arenas like coffee shops, restaurants, photo studios, among others. These are public places of attraction because of people walk-in through them almost at any point of time . Display your photo and contacts to help you get paid.

Also, ensure that once you are granted permission to showcase your photos, they are strategically placed in those places, where prospects are able to see them without any difficulty. You can also bring framed copies of your photos to sell at craft and art fairs.

Additionally, you can also have a one-on-one sit down with the prospects and customers and get to find out from them how they would like your photos to look like.

Be Selective With The Photos You Want to Upload

It is best to upload clear and high-quality images of yourself because good photos will gain faster attraction from prospects and customers in the market place. You can make money with selfies or online if the photos are good.

You can also add plenty of keywords when uploading your images to help in building a sales pitch of the photos.

Be Consistent

Selling photos is not a single day affair but a daily habit . One need to commit themselves ,one needs to be disciplined enough to upload a defined number of pictures, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep pushing yourself to maintain the momentum and results will be there to see.

Returns may not be as attractive as you may want them to be, but with consistency, you will eventually reap huge amounts.

Conclusion: Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

Many are the times we tend to think whether to take our photos and selfies after taking them. “how to make money selling photos of yourself” is a question we all need to ask to keep us motivated .

We hope that this article has given right information, insights on how to get paid to sell photos online.

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