How to Make Money on Wattpad?

3 ways to Make Money on Wattpad (March, 2023)

If you are into writing or storytelling and are finding the best way to make money online, then, this is the right place to do it. Through the power of story, this amazing platform connects 90 million writers and readers worldwide. You can start reading or writing on this platform. Your original story could be the next big hit. To know more about Watpadd, click on

There are 50+ million writing resources, 90 million readers and 1000+ story deals. So, if you are interested to make money through Wattpad, let me introduce you to the best ways to earn money from Wattpad. Have a look at the article for further ways of making money from this platform.


Apart from Creator’s program,  Wattpad also offers you Paid Stories program. Wattpad wants to stay connected with its readers and along with paid stories, your audience can reward you with monetary support. Make sure that you make a place in your audience heart. Paid Stories allows readers to support selected authors by purchasing access to entire stories or paying to unlock portions as they go.

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You can check their paid stories website to gain further information about it. Just like creator’s program, paid stories is also an invite-only program. The coins  will help the writers to indulge themselves more in the writing career path. Visit the Writer’s Portal for tools to help build your community, and useful writing tips, and to learn about the programs available to writers on Wattpad. As a writer, you must be creative and write what you love. Understand the demand of the readers and publish your writings respectively. Now, you can elevate your own writing brand and make your own identity.

On the basis of editorial expertise, power of data insights, reader engagement, Wattpad select the stories that are part of the paid stories program. You can visit the writer’s portal for tools to help build your community to get some trips about writing and visit different program sites of the platform.  Do a fine research about the platform and work religiously on it.

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Brand Partnerships are one of the best ways to make money on this platform. Wattpad offers you an opportunity to collaborate with well-known brands like Mayebelline, Paramount Pictures, LIONSGATE, and many other notable brands to count. This platform offers rich opportunities to its writers to increase their exposure grow the fan base of a writer and give them a notable identity.

Here, a writer can get paid by engaging themselves in brand campaigns and initiatives. There are multiple ways to earn money. If you have a will, you will definitely find out a way to earn money. Among the most popular ways to earn money through brand collaboration, I would like to suggest you some of the ways. According to this platform, you can write branded bonus chapters on Wattpad to doing social media takeovers platform.

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Apart from this, you can also enter into a Wattpad writing contest where you can win exciting prizes after submitting your own story. Do you know what is the most exciting opportunity that Wattpad offers you? Let me tell you. Wattpad gives you an opportunity to feature your stories into a short film, podcast, commercial or other media. You can come in contact with brands and write stories for them or you can write bonus chapters or other seeded entries. Take part in branded social media takeovers and you also get the opportunity to participate in branded social media takeovers.


Do you think Wattpad stops here? If yes, then, you are wrong. Wattpad offers you an exciting feature to earn money that is through its wattpad creators program. Currently, the program is running in beta.

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This platform allows its most engaged writers to take advantage of special opportunities and hands-on support. This program is recently running on invitation only.

Wattpad wants that each and every writer of their platform builds a successful writing career by suing Wattpad. This program provides its creative writers to earn cash stipends while helping you in advising, supporting and educating you on a successful writing career path. Wattpad  provides you a dedicated resources to polish your writings and publish on Wattpad. To know more about this page, you can visit

The program aims to support 3,000 writers each year. This program has been created for the creators to rise onto the next level. To qualify in this program you must read the eligibility criteria provided on .

Once you meet the criteria, you will receive message in your email account or via its staff member. So, now what are you waiting for? Now, you can try any of these methods and earn handsome amount of money and an identity for yourself.

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Wattpad Stars is another program launched by Wattpad for its creators. You can become a wattpad star where you can join renowned community of writers and be a part of it. You and your work will be recognized. In addition, you will get fame and name with your work. Wattpad gives you ample resources to publish the best writings on its platform.

Just like creators program, there are some eligibility criteria to enter into the Wattpad Star Program. Get access to Wattpad partners that may help you get a publish writer.

The foremost eligibility criteria that you need to know is that you must have at least one story that is 50,000+ words and it must get published in the last one year. It is compulsory that you must have logged in to your Wattpad in the last 60 days.

You can monetize your Wattpad fiction or non-fiction work and analyse your activities wisely. This is a great opportunity to pitch your work to Wattpad partners and collaborate your writings and publishing with brands and get in contact with brands. Make your fan base strong and have patience in your work.  You must be consistent enough in your work and build strong relationship with your readers.

Make Money on Wattpad Conclusion:

So, here we come to the end of the article but your beginning starts here. Begin writing on wattpad and earn money from it. Make writing your building career. Therefore, I have listed down some of the best ways to earn money from this platform. I hope you liked it and choose the best way to make money.