How to make money on Tiktok without showing your face?


In this 21st Century, TikTok has made a great name and fame in everyone’s heart. TikTok is a great place for influencers and for those people who want to showcase their talent through social media platforms. You can earn money by making videos in TikTok . In addition, you can make dance videos, music videos, tutorial videos, skincare videos and many more things to count.

But wait, there are many people who are not comfortable coming in front of the camera as they might not be photogenic or they might be uncomfortable by making videos. So, shall they quit making TikTok videos? No they shouldn’t. You can also make TikTok videos without showing your face. Here are some of the best 4 ways to make TikTok videos without showing your face.

How to make money on tiktok without showing your face


If you have talent and you want to showcase it in front of the world but are stepping behind just because you don’t want to show your face, then, I have got the solution for you. Now, you can make videos without showing your face and make it one of the top trending videos.

You can become a tutorial and make tutorial videos without showing your face. Let me give you some of the top trending ideas of becoming a tutorial. You can make nail art tutorial videos, cooking tutorial videos, software tutorials videos, art and craft tutorial videos, bird watching content and many more interesting videos. You can follow Paul Dinning  You Tube Channel where he uploads bird watching videos without showing his face.

You simply need to make videos and add some interesting and relevant background music in the video to gain viewer’s attention. In addition, you can also explain your viewers about your tutorials in the background by just adding your voice and giving sub titles to it. Besides this, you can also make nail art tutorial videos where you need to teach your viewers about nail art and you don’t have to show your face. You can place the camera towards you and continue with your work. If you want to see a reference video for it, you can watch videos of cutepolish who uploads nail art videos and has millions of subscribers. There are millions of people on TikTok who upload videos like this and make interesting and fun videos. So, without worrying about not showing your face in front of the camera, start making fun videos.


How to make money on tiktok without showing your face

Motivational videos are always in great demand and there are people who like watching motivational videos, quotes and short plays on it. You can also make motivational videos without revealing your face.

You can upload quotation in your videos with some powerful background music into it. Motivational videos are really inspiring and you can make the best use out of it. If you want your own voice to reach the audience, you can make videos on it as well. You simply need to do voice cover in your videos. With the help of digital art and video, you can portray relevant pictures in your videos and insert your voice in the background. Your voice is enough to motivate others if you have good content.

Besides this, you can tell motivating stories in your videos and make it short and crisp. People love to watch short motivating clips which are not time consuming but at the same time are motivating. You can also upload motivating songs and sayings of different people. A motivational speaker should be first self-motivated and then motivate others. Gradually, people will start liking your videos and you can upload more such videos.


Life Hacks are interesting and people of all ages are interested in life hack videos as people can use it in their day-to day lives. Life Hacks are typically tips and tricks, specially designed to make our daily-life tasks easier. You need to think about life hacks from your audience point of view.

You can make life hacks for school students, college students, emergency moments and many more to count. For example, you can teach your viewers how to protect their cable charger by using a spring from an old pen to keep charger from bending and breaking. These life-hacks must be simple and easy to use. Avoid teaching difficult life-hacks for which a person needs to step outside of his/her home. All you need to do is create short videos for TikTok by concentrating your camera in front of your life-hacks. Add interesting and fun music to gain audience attention. These simple-easy life-hacks can gain you millions of followers and you can easily earn money from it. Upload quality content and give your viewers a reason to follow you.

You can check mattcatbat channel who is an artist and draws simple and easy drawings that are creative and fun to do. It’s such a great talent to show your art in front of everyone. You do not have to reveal your face and you can easily upload videos and make a lot of money. In addition, once you get a large number of followers, you can make a lot of money from it. Be patient and do hard work. You will definitely reach your goal.  You can also check amazonbox account who wears an amazon box to hide his face and makes entertaining videos. He has 1 million+ followers and people love his videos. You can take inspiration from these channels and make relevant videos.


If you are someone who has good hold on music, you can probably make TikTok videos on music. Music is pleasing and healing to pure ears. It makes us feel calm and pleasant. Music is almost enjoyed by everyone. Relaxing music heals up one’s mind and gives you a pleasant break from your busy schedule.

There are many TikTikers who make videos of relaxing music that is pleasant to our ears. Like others, you can also make music videos where you do not have to show up your face and you can easily make videos. Relaxing music videos can gain you a large number of followers and you can make money from it. In addition, you can merge up with some singers and even upload it on your channel by coming into collaboration with them.

You need to understand the taste of music of the audience and upload videos accordingly. You need to make sure that your music video has good music quality that attracts a large number of viewers. You can also follow Dreamcloud to get some similar music video ideas. Besides this, you can also upload recent music videos or songs on your channel that would be soothing for your viewers. This is one of the best ways to make money but you should keep in mind that being famous takes time and followers can’t grow in one night; you need to have patience and keep going.


Therefore, we come to the end of the article. Here, I have discussed some of the top 5 ways to make money without revealing your face. I hope you find the best way for you and make a lot of money.

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