How to make money by yahoo answers?

Make money by yahoo answers

The answer to this question is a ‘”Yes”. Below is the way to use Yahoo to make money in which is to drive traffic to your website.

1.Have a Yahoo account for Yahoo answers.

2:Pick a niche area you are expert in so that you give quality answers that are useful to people.

3. Build your own website base on your niche.

4.Sign up for google Adsense account. This is to place ads base on your niche and earn a certain amount of money every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

5.Apply to participate a CPA (Cost-Per-Action) program.Once you are accepted, you can place CPA banners on your site. When a visitor clicks on the CPA banner, he is being ask to fill up his personal information such as name etc. Every time , a visitor submits his information, you are paid.

6.Join a free affiliate program.Once you have your affiliate link , place the link on your website.Once a visitor visit your website and click on the affiliate link of the product/services you are promoting, you will receive a commission on the sale.

Can you make money on Yahoo Answers ?

Yahoo Answers receives around 50 million visits every day, and it’s not just the sheer volume of traffic that makes this an ideal place for us to make money.

This is 50 million people a day who are looking for answers to problems they have! It’s like Christmas come early for marketers as we can swoop in and provide the solution to those problems while making some good money in the process.

It’s a community-based platform that allows users to ask questions and be answered by other users. Making money with Yahoo Answers takes time because you have to build trust within the community. You can‘t just add links to your website and affiliate sites, but must provide useful information.

Two methods of making money by yahoo answers

1. The Niche CPA Method.

2. The Answer Your Own Question SEO Method.

The Niche CPA Method yahoo answers

If you’ve never been on Yahoo Answers before, below is a screen shot of what you will see when you click on the ‘Browse Categories’ tab:

Make Money On Yahoo Answers

As you can see, there are many different categories where people can post questions. Within most of these categories there are further sub categories which allow you to refine your question even more. What you need to do first of all is have a good look through these categories as this is where you first need to find a niche to target.

What you are looking for over here in yahoo answers is niches where you can answer the users’ questions and provide a link in the ‘source’ box to your website which they can then click to visit.

Level 2 accounts

Before you can give live website links in Yahoo Answers, you must first have a ‘Level 2’ account. You achieve this by gathering 250 points on Yahoo Answers. This is a easy step you can get there in less than 20 minutes by doing the following:

  1. Create 3 Yahoo Answers accounts.
  2. Login to one of the accounts (The main one you are going to use to get to level 2) and you will get 100 points for logging in straight away. Then search for something on Yahoo Answers, it can literally be anything. Then scroll down and save the search. After you’ve saved that, search for something else and then save that search. By saving two searches you will get another 20 points.
  3. Now login to one of the other two accounts and post 5 questions, they can be in any section and about anything. Copy the URLs of the questions to notepad. Logout and log back in to the main account and answer all five questions with any answer. Then logout and back in to the account you posted the questions on and award the answers posted with the main account as ‘Best Answer’ for each question. This will award you another 50 points (10 points per best answer). Repeat this process with the other account of the three to get another 50 points, now your main account will have a rating of 220 points.
  4. Finally, login to the main account again and you will still have your daily answer posting limit of 20 left. For each answer you post, you get 2 points. Go ahead and post 15 short answers to random questions and you’ve reached the magic 250 points required to reach level 2 and post live links in your future answers.

TIP for yahoo answers

You will only have to do this process once as now you have a level 2 account you can rate and vote for best answers on other people’s questions. This means now you can create a new account and post another 20 answers. However, you need to pick your 20 answers strategically.

Search for any keyword you want and once you’ve searched for it, on the left hand side you’ll see the ‘Refine search’ box. On the ‘Question Status’ drop down menu, select ‘Open Questions’ and from the ‘Date Submitted’ drop down menu, select ‘Last 7 days’ then search again.

Now sort the search by ‘Oldest’. You now have questions that are still open and 7 days old, this is perfect for us as we can get answers in to these questions and they are about to go in to voting very soon. Once you’ve answered these questions, copy the URL of the new account’s profile page and put it in a notepad file.

The next day, login to your level 2 account and go through all the questions you answered on the new account the previous day. Most of these questions will now be ‘In Voting’, which means as a level 2 account holder, you can go through each one and vote your new account’s answers as best answers.

The vast majority of people don’t assign best answers so you’ll get best answer for most of the questions, which alone should bump you up over the 250 on that account too.


we can now concentrate on the money making side of this method. As we told earlier , you need to find some categories that you can pair up with some niche products that you can promote on Yahoo Answers.


Now, before you go and start filling Yahoo Answers with links to your offers, you need to first make sure you have a website in place with an opt in form. The reason being that it’s very important you capture the details of as many of your visitors as you can on your email list.

If you don’t already have a domain name, then head over to namecheap or bluehost and get yourself one. If none of that makes any sense to you, learn to make website on youtube tutorials on how to build a website from scratch in under 10 minutes. Trust me , i am as non technical as anyone can be as far as software is concerned.

if you intend to target multiple niches, the best idea is to create a generic site with different niche targeted pages containing specific sales copy. You then use the specific links to the pages with the sales copy and products/offers as your ‘Source’ link for that niche when posting your answers.

So when posting your answer to someone who is looking to ‘make money online’ for example, you’d put your answer in and then in the source box you’d leave your link to

The Answer Your Own Question SEO Method

This method requires a little more Effort in the beginning for it to be effective however, it has the potential to give you a long term recurring income for many years to come. Many bloggers still receive sales and commissions to this day from Yahoo Answers questions I have ranked using this method from over three years ago!

The method basically involves posting questions on Yahoo Answers, then answer your own question with a link to your site in the answer, then ranking the question in Google for your targeted keywords.Below is the most effective way of doing it to maximise your profit.


Like the first method we just covered, you must first find the niches you want to target and also find suitable offers and products to promote within that niche. You’ll find a list of networks to sign up to here where you’ll be able to find hundreds of different products and offers to promote.

Keyword research

Once you have selected a few different products to promote, your next move is to do some keyword research. My favourite keyword research tool is Ahref Seo tool or tool. I

Now by using Ahref  for this, you will be able to find long tail keywords which have quite low competition in the search engines. A long tail keyword is a phrase that contains over 3 words in it, e.g. ‘How to make money on Yahoo Answers’.

They don’t receive huge amounts of traffic so this usually means there is less SEO competition from other sites. I’ve found some absolute gems in the past using Ahref  which I’ve then been able to rank number 1 in Google for in less than a week.

The other advantage you have using Yahoo Answers for this method is that the site has a lot of authority in Google’s eyes so the pages rank very easily in Google search engines.


Ok, now you can create Yahoo Answers accounts. With this method, it’s better to sign up for as many accounts as you can before starting. With each new account you can post 5 questions straight away. So if you create five accounts, you can post 20 questions across the four of them, and then answer those questions with the link to your website using the fifth account.

So, let’s say you were promoting a make money online on this website , which was to help people make money online. You have a list of long tail keywords that you’ve gathered using Market Samurai and your website is in place. Firstly you’d want to post a question in Yahoo Answers like:

‘What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online?’

You’d then post another four questions with titles that either exactly match, or contain your targeted keyword in it. Also, if possible, try and include your keyword twice in the title or get a related keyword in to the title as well. Also try and include the keyword, or a related keyword, in the actual question that you ask as well.

Once these five questions are posted, log out of that account, log in to the account you’re going to use to answer the questions and then answer all five questions. Remember when answering these questions to include the target keyword again, as well as other secondary keywords. Then include the link to your website in the reply and in the source box.

Once you’ve answered all five questions, you now want to log out of that account and back in to the account you posted the five questions in. Now go through each question and select the answers you have posted as ‘Best Answer’.

You will now have five questions posted with your answers all marked as best answer and nobody else will be able to comment on the question now either. Copy and paste the URLs of each question in to a notepad file and type the targeted keyword beside each URL.  Now you just simply rinse and repeat this process until you have a question and an answer with your link on it for every one of your targeted keywords.

This can be a long process but if you want to really scale this up, don’t worry; I have the perfect solution for you at the end of this tutorial!


Now you have your list of URLs, it will be searched by the search engines and you will have higher rankings. As we wrote earlier, if you’ve done your keyword research properly using Ahref you will have a nice big list of low competition long tail keywords which you will be able to get ranking well in Google in no time at all.

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