Top 10 Ways to Make Money for a female student in USA

Ways to Make money for a female student in USA

If you are a female student and are wandering to do some job so that you can pay your own expenses, then this article is made for you. USA offers a lot of job opportunities for every gender, age and qualification.

If you want to become self-dependent and pay your own fees without being depended on your parents, then you can do a part-time job or enter into some jobs after your classes. I have discussed 10 most likely jobs to be done by a female student in USA, have a look at them before stepping into any of these work.


Are you among one of those who is interested in coding, designing, application management or providing end user support? Do you have interest in any of these fields? If yes, then this can be one of the most beneficial ways to earn money as a student. In this growing modern world, app development is one of the best ways to maximize technology investment.

Let me introduce you to the meaning of app development if in case you are unaware of it. App development can be defined as the process of creating various apps that run on our mobile platform. For this work, you must be well acquainted with software as this process includes writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as tabs, smartphones, etc.

As a female student, this job is best for you if you have the skills. You can easily take out some leisure time after your classes and work as an app developer. In this way, you will enhance your skills in this field and can also continue working in this field and make a career out of it in the upcoming future.


Do you like to spend time with children? Then, this can be one of the smartest ways to earn money in USA. Females seemed to be more patient and emotionally stable. If you have patience, playful, active, responsible, then you can easily earn money through this job. After attending your classes, you can give some time to the children whose parents are working man and woman and are unable to look after their children.

You can come in contact with the parents of your surroundings who are looking for a baby-sitter and can take an appointment. Before stepping into this work, know your comfort level and understand the nature of children. Plan some fun ideas for the children and play with them.

Don’t lose your patience and sometimes you can also ask the children what they want to do. You can prepare a food and drink list for the children and note down their guardian’s number for any emergency.

In addition to this, you can prepare an activity list for them and act accordingly. After a hectic schedule of your classes, you can spend some time with children and look after them.


Freelancing is one of the most modern ways to utilize your skill and make money. As a female student, you can easily work from home and submit your work to the clients accordingly.

You can opt for content writing, graphic designing, bookkeeping and many more to count.

In addition to this, you can do freelancing from some apps like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Linkedin, etc. Register yourself in the most relevant apps and make your account.

Then, you can apply for jobs accordingly and can charge your clients on per hour basis.

For example, you can charge $15 for 1 hour and so on. People in USA have engaged themselves to this work and are earning good amount of money.


If you own a hobby to prepare and serve food, then this can be one of the ideal ways for a female student to make money. In this growing era of 21st Century, introduction of cloud kitchen has taken place.

If you have passion in making food, then by using your passion, you can earn money in USA. Cloud Kitchen can be defined as restaurants which is different from the traditional casual dining.

You just need to have a kitchen, raw food to cook and a good packaging system. You can do this work even from your home wherein you can take orders online and then deliver it.

You can give the number of hours in this job as per your convenience.  This is quite interesting and is also feasible for a female student. You can earn good amount of money through this business and can pay your own expenses. 


This is one of the best ways to earn money where you literally don’t have to put any input of 4-5 hours. You can easily make money by selling your notes online. What can be more interesting than this work? There are many students who are in search of readymade notes which can save their time in making notes.

You can take help of various online apps wherein you can upload your piles of notes in document format and can make the most benefit of your studies.

You can take help of online platforms such as Stuvia, nexus Notes and many more to count. In addition to selling your notes online, you can earn $400 per month if you become a top seller.

Upload the best notes and provide the students the proper study material that they are searching for. This job doesn’t require any investment and hours of input. You can also sell your notes offline and be paid for it.


There are many people in USA who are looking for an educationalist or a tutor to teach their children. You can start searching for students from your locality and teach them. Besides this, you can also join a tutoring association and can teach students there. 


You must have patience, technical knowledge and excellent organization skills. You can charge money on the basis of primary and secondary classes. In addition to this, you can teach students at your home.

This non-investment job requires skills more than capital. You can earn $15-$20 dollars per students and can easily give time to them after your classes.


There are many people who like to blog their daily life and post on various social media platforms. You can do blogging and earn money through it.


In addition to this, you can blog your daily routine, your educational institution and many more. You can also become a food blogger. Choose a blogging platform and brainstorm your blog topics.

There are many people who are curious to know about your life, how you manage your studies with blogging, etc. You can also do hauls, shoot your holiday trips and entertain your audience.

Understand the demand of your target audience and work on it. You will get paid by the number of subscribers you own on your channel.


Digital Marketing can be done by any student and if you have expertise in this field, then you can surely earn a good handsome amount of money.

Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing where you would simply require a computer/laptop, mobile phone, strong internet connectivity and you are good to go.

If you are still unaware of what I am talking about, then let me give you a quick definition of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is an online marketing tool where you can promote or advertise your commodities in the respective websites. SEO and SEM are some of the examples that you can look upon.

After your classes, you can take out few hours for this job and can easily make money. This way, you will also inculcate a skill in yourself. Many people in USA are engaged in this system and earn good amount of money through it.


Now there are many females who are working as a delivery girl. If you are living in USA, then as a female student, you can earn money by doing a delivery job. You need to have a legal driving license and clean driving record.

You need to have a minimum age of 18-21 years to enter into this job. If you have good communication and time management skills, then this work can be proven as an excellent job for you. You can contact the preferred website and come in contact with the official and submit your bio data.

No investment is required in this job but you need to have good driving experience. There are many females in USA who are working as a delivery girl and are earning a handsome amount of money.

You can find work through some online apps as well such as DoorDash, Postmates, Instacarts, etc. You can earn money on per hour basis. So, this can be worth it if you own some extra dollars in your pocket.


Do you know how to speak your native language? If yes, then why don’t you make the optimum use out of it? If you are a good speaker and are willing to teach others the native language you know, then you can now do it.

The best thing in this job is that you can also work as a community tutor if you don’t have any teaching qualifications.

Although you cannot charge high rates as a professional teacher but you can make good money out of it.

You should be punctual with your lesson timings and be assure that you can solve any problem and can explain your student in the respective native language. You can take help of iTalki and can teach through this app.

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