Best GPT Sites That Pay Instantly Via PayPal

Best GPT Sites That Pay Instantly in 2023

One of the simplest forms of making money online is through sites known as GPT (Get Paid To) sites.

The most famous one of them is SwagBucks.

Some people interchangably use gpt sites with paid survey sites, but they are different in some ways.

GPT sites are basically platform for providing a loyalty and reward programs where you are rewarded for doing a various online tasks – reading emails, completing tasks, shopping online, visiting advertiser websites, and so on.

Best GPT Sites That Pay Instantly

For example at Swagbucks people Get paid to watch videos, shop online, take surveys and more. Join Swagbucks Now & Get a $5 Instantly!

They may have a survey for you to take here and there, but they are not really a market research companies who conducts studies.

While there are many GPT websites but users look for the payment method to be an important consideration.

While many GPT sites pay weekly or monthly, there are some who pay after 24 hours or even immediately.

The main task is in finding these sites, especially since there are already too many GPT sites on the web.

We have done some basic research to provide you some of the best gpt sites you can use to make some money almost instantly with some and some will have usual payout terms and conditions.

After searching deep, here we have listed instant payment GPT sites that are totally legit.

Please note that there are GPT sites that pay, for the most part, immediately. They may not pay in the next second, but you will receive the payment within 24 hours, even on the weekends.


Instagc site is quiet popular amongst stay at home moms and anybody how loves getting free gift cards.

It works similar like other sites featured here, as far as earning goes, but the main difference here is that you get paid in the form of gift cards.

Since these are digital codes, like Amazon gift card, you receive them via email the moment you redeem your earning.


Get paid site has been around since last 20 years and is probably among the oldest gpt sites.

Although they do not make instant payments, you will mostly get your payment within 24 hours. You can make money by taking advantage of offers and filling out surveys where you are awarded with GetPaid coins.

These coins can be redeemed via Payza, PayPal, Western Union, WebMoney, Neteller, and Perfect Money, among others.

Good point to note is that the minimum payout is 50 cents, which amounts to 250 GetPaid coins.


Ebuno has a global presence.Their design makes it simple for users to find and participate in surveys.

It is one of the few sites out there that let you redeem your survey earnings through Bitcoin as well.

To give you an idea, it pays approximately USD 1 for a survey that is 10 minutes in length.This amount goes up as the length of the survey increases.

Ebuno claims that you can make as much as USD 9 per hour while filling up surveys.While it may not be as high all the time, this is still accurate.

This is a website with decent pay rates and quick withdrawal times and PayPal support. 


Rewardingways is another GPT website that offers instant payment.You can work on tasks, fill out surveys, and complete offers.

They can easily mark you as a “cheater” account the minute that you login in using another IP address than what you typically use.

Rewardingways can pay you through gift cards, check, Payza, and Paying.


Superpay is a good website which combines PTC and GPT, while they pay their members instantly.

Payment methods include Payza, PayPal, Neteller, and others .

You can also get paid via gift cards.


If you want instant payment, you need to make sure you have an account with online payment systems used by these GPT sites.


While Point2shop is considered an instant payment GPT site, sometimes, you have to wait for 4 hours.

But the great thing about the site, especially if you live outside the United States, is that they allow international users.

At the moment, this GPT site has more than 5 million members and counting.

If you can tolerate the delay every now and then, make it a point to join.

Payment methods include Dwolla, PayPal, gift cards, checks, and more.

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is quiet good online rewards program.

Despite being above average in the market it is not yet popuar like SwagBucks or

Not only there are multiple ways to earn free money, they also allow you to get paid in many forms, from PayPal payment, to check, gift cards, magazine subscriptions and more.

Perhaps the best part of this site is that there is no waiting to get paid, there is no minimum requirement for cashing out.

Yes, you can cash out even if you have 1 cent in your account.

And to top that, if you cash out via PayPal, you will receive it in a matter of hours.


SquishyCash is one of the many instant paying GPT sites out there today.

All you need to do is to reach the minimum payout requirement of $20, request the payment, and you’ll get it immediately with no fees deducted.

You can be paid through Skrill, PayPal, and gift cards.

GPT Bonus

Next on my list of GPT sites that pay instantly via PayPal is GPBonus.

You have a large selection of offers and tasks that you can do to earn.These include playing games, watching videos and participating in surveys.

GPT Bonus updates their website with over a hundred offers daily.It is one of the most trusted of GPT sites that have been paying decent amounts for a while.

The website’s withdrawal limit is just 1 Euro.Over 10,000 people are using this site to earn.

It is among the few GPT sites available in French as well.

All it takes to become a member and instantly start earning on this website is free signup.You also have the option of using their referral scheme to set up a passive income source.

Under this scheme, they will pay you 10% of the earnings of every person that you refer to.


At irazoo, the minimum payout is a $1 and they can send it to you through Liberty Reserve, PayPal, and Payza.

If you’re so used to GPT websites that require you to have a minimum of $20 for payout, will surprise you.


Next on the list of gpt sites that pay instantly through PayPal is GrabPoints.

With this GPT website, the rewards are higher if you spare more time on it. Money opportunities include participating in offers, surveys, downloading mobile applications and viewing videos that pay instantly.

Joining GrabPoints is free, and it is open to members worldwide.As part of their offers, you may be asked to subscribe to a free newsletter or check out a free trial.

You also get paid for visiting certain websites listed on GrabPoints. 

For those who like online shopping, they also offer cashback if you shop on their affiliate stores by visiting through GrabPoints.

GPT This is above all other offers that the shopping website is giving you.Thus, you can keep up with things that you would do anyway and get a nice payment for that.

You will require a minimum of 3,000 points or USD 3 for getting your payout a paying request.There are multiple instant payment options, including PayPal and gift cards.

Treasure Trooper

Another top-rated site with instant payment is TreasureTrooper.

This site features surveys, tasks, offers, and even has an online treasure hunt where you can win a $100.

If you love playing games, then you will enjoy this website.

You can be paid through gift cards, checks, and PayPal.

popular online payment systems used by Get Paid To site for paying their members are given below

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • WebMoney
  • netseller
  • payoneer
  • Skrill

Summary of the best gpt sites that pay instantly:

Please note that if you actually want to make money with GPT websites, you need to join a many such sites. .

Take your time to complete surveys every single day, learn to earn from referrals..

Having said that please don’t count on them as a way to make a living. Online rewards programs are great for extra income.They wont be able to replace your income from a regular job.

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